August & September 2016


The Framing Begins

The framing starts with forming up the footings and knee walls for the cisterns on both the cottage and the main house.


The Elevations

Here is a look at the preposed finished product!


Concrete... FINALLY!

After three weeks of waiting (which felt like an eternity) we finally got our first concrete pour. Everyone showed up for the big event… even our main contractor, who is always on site, the green one with tail :)
Geuff, one of the stars of today's show was there with his trusty (and his hipster "vintage") pumper truck. Geuff, is back for an encore performance, as he was one of our favorites from our building of Arc du Soleil back in 2006. The photo (on the right) is Geuff from 2006 when we were building "Arc du Soleil”; on the left is 2016; Gueff hasn't aged a bit! He must be living right!

POSTED ON August 31, 2016

Footings Completed

POSTED ON Sept 9, 2016

Trackhoe is back!

With the knee walls and footers done it was time to back fill. It seems a shame to bury all that $$$... I mean concrete :) Now we're prepped for laying down the rebar for the main house cistern and garage floor slab (lower left photo) and cistern slab for the cottage (right lower photo)

POSTED ON Sept 13, 2016

It's a Beautiful Day!

It's a beautiful Saturday morning so Harley and I decided to go up to the lot and review this weeks progress. We'll be ready for more concrete soon. The crew is just about finished with putting down the rebar on both the cottage and main house slabs.

POSTED ON Sept 17, 2016

Ready for Concrete

We've had a few rainy day delays but now the rebar is down and ready for concrete. Here is a late afternoon shot from the cottage.

POSTED ON Sept 23, 2016

Here's the Spot