September & October 2017

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Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day to All! This is where Harley and will be on Labor Day morning! Enjoying the view and giving the pool a test; i.e.: Bloody Mary in hand making sure it is ready for relaxing! Yes, we'll take it easy on the Bloody Mary's as we have yet to get the railings up (this is why we can't have a party just yet). Good news is the railings are on site ready for the install next week.
Shut The Front Door! Yes, literally! It was time to install the front door; a nice solid mahogany door with a brushed nickel door handle. It's the Minneapolis model from Baldwin; yea, sure, okay, you know, Betty is from Minneapolis too! Now we are ready for delivery and installation of all the interior goodies!
Speaking of deliveries, the kitchen, laundry and bath cabinets arrived on site. The installer will come from Puerto Rico on the 11th; we can't wait! Appliances and furniture have shipped and on their way. In anticipation, we are wrapping up the electrical and getting the painting out of the way. To quote actor George Peppard, "I love it when a plan comes together"!

POSTED ON september 4, 2017

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Available Fall 2017!  For vacation rental info...  Email us!